The Nigeria Mystery Shoppers Providers (NMSP) is an association of companies and individuals providing mystery shopping and related services.

The NMSP Membership, it the only body that provide training and certification for Mystery shoppers organization and Individual in Nigeria, it increase the performance and reputation of a Mystery Shopping Provider.


  • Marketing exposure. When a potential client comes knocking at our website, they have access to multiple companies and individual, through your membership, your company is among them.
  • Guide the policies of the NMSP
  • Receive rapid notification of important issues.
  • Membership of the NMSP places your company amongst the “elite” shopping companies.
  • Enjoy discounts on NMSP conferences and other educational events.
  • Access to members-only area of the NMSP web site, including links to information about legal and tax issues.
  • Network with other members.
  • Education of your clients and shoppers about mystery shopping and the NMSP.
  • All members must Agree to abide by and to apply the MSPA Code of Professional
  • Ethics.

1.    Associate Member – N20,000
2.    Full Member- N30,000
3.    Company- N50,000

Nigeria mystery shopper provider train and certificate all mystery shoppers in Nigeria, As part of our education program we encourage all my mystery shopper companies or companies that have internal mystery shoppers to Train their staff and get Certificate for them

NMSP workshops are not just interesting in the sense of content, but also give you an additional opportunity to meet and exchange thoughts with colleagues from mystery shopping firms in Nigeria and across the Globe
For more information about NMSP Certificate Program and workshop, and conference

The NMSP Conferences are educative events. Conferences are a great opportunity for the members to learn and share ideas about Mystery Shopping.

All membership applications will be checked as Appropriate and material and Training is on in class and online