We have on demand a diverse and trained pool of Mystery shoppers who are students, workers, disabled, young, old, pregnant, elderly etc. to fit any kind of customer profile that you require.

They can pretend to be scientists, installation engineers, bikers, students, foreign doctors, hairdressers, plumbers, dentists, caravanners and every flavour of small business. We even have our own dummy businesses with websites.

We can set up plumbing blockages and car faults. We cheat in exams (to check the invigilators are alert), park illegally (to test the police), shoplift (to check the security systems) and go on timeshare holidays.

We can be pregnant, bankrupt, hard-of-hearing, and trainee teachers. We can interview your customers by telephone, on site or using our mobile phone feedback facility. We can tell you what they think of your service and what they would like you to change or improve.

We can find out why former customers switched to a competitor or whether current customers might consider doing so and why – and what they say you can do to ensure they don’t!

Customer Satisfaction Surveys can be an important first step towards achieving the ultimate goals of exceptional customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. They provide a foundation on which you can start building upon your customer relationships.

A customer satisfaction survey encourages your clients and customers to give your business vital feedback on issues that can affect customer retention, including:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Product-specific satisfaction
  • Brand perception
  • Pricing
  • Timeliness of delivery
  • Customer service satisfaction
  • Interest in new products and services