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Customer Service Delivery in Nigeria and the Challenges of Emergency

All Nigerians seem to be in a hurry at every activity, this attitude, in turn, affects the expectation of customers in Nigeria, most customers want to be attended to immediately they get to the point of service, good idea to expect immediate service, however, if there are others in the queue waiting, should the customer service representative jump others to answer the customer that is agitating for service?

Nigerians are in a hurry while driving and expect the traffic light to pass them immediately they approach it and when the amber light shows they move before the green light, in a Bank automated teller machine and hospital services etc. the same attitude reflect.

According to Nigeria’s customer mystery shoppers provider, jumping the queue could only be tolerated if the person involved is an elderly person, pregnant woman or someone with a physical disability.

Good customer experience company is expected to plan for such service especially if there will be a rush hour or more demand for service, a typical example could be seen at one of the leading Bank in Nigeria, whenever there are more queues they instruct customers to pick a sachet pack to put in their money and account number, it is what has experienced several time and they process it earlier enough.

More so, the need to always invite the number of customers you can attend to is also important, customer prefer to have a later date for service than to over wait in a queue and trade off their precious time.

At an interactive period in customer service training in Abuja, the attendee alluded that the company should be able to have a standard way of attending to customers during a sales surge, possibly the manager joins the front service team or create a more conducive ambience which could be mild music or a television set that shows current affairs that customer may glue to while waiting for their service or product.

One of the factors to be considered while accessing a company’s customer experience status is turnaround time and service process. According to Nigeria mystery shoppers provider Abuja, customer response time expectations differ, the fastest time is within a minute response, the average response time is within 10 minutes to 12 hours while the slowest time is within 24 hours.

Companies in Nigeria and Africa needs to factor in the emergency service expectations of customer and plan for customer appropriately.


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