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Product selling remains the ingredient for sustainability for every organisation according to Nigeria mystery shoppers provider NMSP,, mystery shopping help to confirm if every sales representative are adhering to market principles and strategies

Mystery shopping help to build product brands and assist the sales associates to understand their unique selling proposition that can position a product or service to the desire of customers

The outcome of a mystery shopping salesperson according to Nigeria mystery shoppers provider NMSP,, is not a punitive measure but it will reveal the way customers are been handled and how a customer can be handled profitably for the company to achieve their desired sales expectation.

Nigeria mystery shoppers provider NMSP,  can also carry out a benchmarking for organisation to understand what their competitors are doing better and why others may be having more sales, it could be by reducing price, distributor profit margin that makes the sales of a particular company product increase, it could be the size of the product or benefit accrues from one or two times purchase

In the 2021  report of Nigeria mystery shoppers provider NMSP,  companies and organizations that wish to measure the quality of sales and service, the job performance of their staff, regulatory compliance of their organisation, or to gather specific information, must engage a mystery shopping company like Nigeria Mystery shoppers provider NMSP because of their experience in the field of service checking and evaluation


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