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Nigeria Mystery Shoppers Provider solved our Company Problem

Our company suddenly noticed a decline in sales of our products in the first and second quarter of the year 2021, we initially thought it is Covid19 that dovetail to affect the sales, the management sat down for different strategies and they all failed.

The customer service department got challenged and decide to confirm if it has to do with the attitude of the front desk staff and proposed to management to engage the best mystery shopping company in Nigeria Nigeria Mystery Shoppers Provider www.mysteryshoppers.org.ng.

Though the Name of Nigeria mystery shoppers provider has always occurred in the management to provide some checks but no decision yet until the company sales started nosediving to an unbearable state.

Nigeria mystery shoppers provider was engaged and their report is to roll in every month for three months consecutively, the first month was mind-blowing and the company could not wait for another month to make a decision.

Nigeria mystery shoppers provider research show that most of the sales representatives of the company are diverting the customers to competitors and benefiting another extra twenty percent, more so the company approach all the sale representatives separately and eight percent of them are involved without them knowing

Nigeria mystery shopper also analyse that if urgent actions are not taken, the company will lose all it customers as most Nigeria consider price before quality and it is their company staff that is suggesting for customers to go elsewhere

The solution and tools Nigeria Mystery shoppers provider use to solve our company sales problem remains the best solution for all companies that are having sales challenges.


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