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Mystery shopping is a research tools used to gauge customer experience where individuals are recruited to portray actual customers that shop at a store, engage in a buying, engage in the usage of a particular product or services,

The experience gathered on the field for the feedback for the company and it uses it to measure the standard of service delivery that is expected

Nigeria mystery shoppers provider, NMSP is the top mystery shopping company in Nigeria, it has work with top companies in Nigeria such as the financial sector, telecommunication sector, retail companies

Feedback will be presented to the company by the Nigeria mystery shoppers or any mystery shopping companies ‘NMSP mystery shoppers’ and the company uses it to evaluate how close is the actual experience of the customers to the desired one. It prompts the company to think about the areas it is lacking it and act upon them.

It is also good to note that Nigeria mystery shoppers NMSP always make it clear that mystery shopping is not majorly for punitive measure, but to identify where correction or training is need,

Nigeria mystery shoppers provider NMSP uses primary market research that uses quantitative techniques as the mystery shopper usually has to fill out a form rating his experience. Also, this method is used for accessing services and products experience.


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