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Nigeria Deserve Better Services and Good Products

There is no gain in saying all Nigerians experienced poor customer service at one time or the other, the issue can be small like waiting in a long queue or bigger such as receiving a completely different service than expected, whatever the case, negative experiences leave us deeply unsatisfied and hesitant to use the same service again in the future.

Nigeria mystery shoppers provider research shows that all Poor service cost the provider of the service, the company that is providing the service, and also cost the community or the country where the bad service is being offered, no customer wishes to return to where he experienced bad service without acknowledgment, service recovery effort, or compensation, the bad service will, in turn, reduce the company profit, affect employee and consequently cost the country gross domestic product

Poor customer service happens when customers receive unpleasant, inadequate, or incorrect service from a business. This can result in dissatisfaction and put them off using the same service ever again. Appalling services also lead to negative reviews that might destroy the business’s reputation, poor customer service can lead to various consequences from customers not returning to the business.

If people were asked to reveal their last poor customer service experience, they will likely have no problem listing the ways a company frustrated or disappointed them, but if those same were asked to share the most recent positive brand encounter, they’ll probably find that a little more challenging. Why?

Unfortunately, human beings are hard-wired to recall bad experiences more than good ones and that’s because negative stimuli have a more significant impact on the human brain than positive ones, according to a study shared by the Association for psychological science. Nobody wants to give a poor customer experience, however, many companies may not understand the true cost of bad customer service. You will find it’s ultimately much cheaper to invest in good service than neglecting it and the ultimate solution to bad customer service in Nigeria, is to engage Nigeria mystery shoppers provider


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