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Why Customers Compare Experience Across All Industry

Customers expect an excellent customer experience regardless of the industry they are transacting with, customer are not comparing their experience with one channel to another channel, they are comparing it to the last experience they had, more so comparing brands that are not related, such as comparing google service with Mercedes Benz, comparing service to product or comparing business to business transaction to business to customers.

This challenge has made all industries research more on how to create a seamless digital experience for all customers be it a product or service-related organization.

Customer experience generally is how customers feel about every interaction with your service or product at all stages of the customer life cycle. Whether it is a call to the contact center or engaging a third party to a product or service, customers expect the same level of service delivery the main company will offer, and customers will expect to receive the perception they believe the original company offers.

According to Nigeria mystery shoppers provider the benefit of good customer experience varies from cross-selling to up-selling, most companies that grow in this twenty-first century have taken advantage of cross-selling, and as a result of providing good customer experiences they simply introduce other related and no related product to customers

Mystery shopping reveals that word of mouth has become a marketing tool for every organization that understands the benefit of offering a good customer experience, this reduces the expenditures on marketing as the customer will continue to refer friends and family to a brand that offers excellent customer service.

Statistics have shown in different industries and firms that a positive customer experience cannot only attract customers but also increase loyalty, retention, and advocacy, ultimately driving growth and profitability


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